New York City Coronavirus Death Toll

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People are starting to die in New York City. A lot of them. It reminds me of 911, and how New York City had the brunt of losing the most on that awful day. Again my beloved city might carry more than others…

My friend was a Pulitzer Prize Journalist from the New York Times. N.R. Kleinfield … Sonny. He was one of the writers that started writing obituaries for those that died in the towers. They interviewed a family member and told us something personal about each person who died. It took a year to publish them all, 3000+. I read each and every one every day. It was all I could think of to do to honor those that had perished.

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Those four journalists suffered. It was very hard to do. They won a Pulitzer, which I think they would gladly have given back if any of those people could’ve been brought back to life.

I hope the New York Times does it again for those perishing from this insidious disease… I want to know each and every person.

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