A New Year; Not a Clean Slate

It’s a new year but not a clean slate.

Ringing in this new year is different. The enormity of why it is different occurs to me as I try to start afresh, as I do each and every January 1st.

In the past, there were no ties that couldn’t be left behind to begin anew.

I love fresh starts. I love the Jewish New Year. I love the start of a new school year with brand new pencil cases and notebooks without a doodle yet to be drawn. I love the idea of confession, where you can leave behind all your sins and have a fresh slate.

But 2020 is not gone. The Covid Crisis is not to be silenced. Trump may ‘leave’ later this month, but he was never the issue; he was the mouthpiece. The issue is still front and center. Lies are the new truth. Hatred is part of our daily dose of self. What our country strives to be is no longer clear. 2021, just like Joe Biden, starts with barriers to greatness that may be insurmountable. May be.

That said, leaving all the rhetoric behind, including my own, Trump was voted out, and there are 7 million more voting Americans who agree with me, rather than them. And, Covid will have more push back from an administration filled with leaders who have the capacity to look beyond their own self interest.

So, we start 2021 with residual issues that followed us past the midnight deadline of setting aside whatever we don’t want to take on the 2021 journey.

Ok, bring it on.

I got this. I can be better at managing my feelings and how I respond to the challenges. I can be more supportive of those I care about and less attentive to those that I no longer respect. I can be clearer this year about managing my time and my efforts.

The rear view mirror is smaller than the windshield for a reason. But we still check it often. So I will check out the 2020 hell that lies in my rear view mirror and follows me into 2021 when I wish it could fade away in the past, but my focus, my energy, will be on what lies before me on the road ahead.

My best to all of you this year. My very best.

I write. I hope it resonates. I move on.

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